Magic Leap 1 Device Flasher

Device Information

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Magic Leap 1 One-Click Flash Tool

The Magic Leap 1 One-Click Flash Tool will let you install ML1 official builds with the click of a button

Pre-Flashing Steps

    Before you start: Ensure your Magic Leap 1 and Control are both at a charge of 35% or greater.
    To check Lightpack charge, rest a finger on the Lightpack power button. To check Control charge, connect Control power cord.
  1. Go to the Lumin OS Download Page
    1. Log-In
    2. Download Desired Build Version to your computer
    3. Note: Users should download 0.98.35 and above
           The build is about 3Gb. Download times will vary based on your network speed
           contact Customer Care if you receive this error “Sorry, failed to generate an OS image: The device serial number is invalid.”
  2. Boot device into Fastboot mode
    1. Turn your Magic Leap device off by pressing the power button down for 8 seconds (all LEDs will shut off).
    2. While holding the volume down button
      1. Press and release the power button
      2. Then release the volume down button.
      If you have done it correctly - An animated blue line will be visible on the Lightpack.
      If any other lights are displayed - You probably turned it on; it is easier if the device is not plugged in while doing this step as charging lights might be confusing.
  3. Once you are in fastboot mode, connect the Magic Leap 1 to your computer using a USB-C to USB-C cable.
    Note: If your computer has both USB-A and USB-C ports it is recommended to connect to a USB-A port using a USB-C to USB-A adapter.
  4. [OPTIONAL] If more information is needed see below

Flashing Steps

  1. Select `Connect Device` in the left navigation bar
    • Select `Fastboot` from the list of available devices
  2. Select the Lumin OS Build Zip that was downloaded in the `Pre-Flashing Steps`
  3. Press the `Flash Device` button below
  4. After successfully flashing your device, you must now flash your Control.

Flashing Status

Device Status: Not Connected
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Device Reboot
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Not Yet Performed

Post-Flashing Steps

With the Magic Leap 1 flashed to a new Lumin OS, you must now flash your Control.

  1. Disconnect the Lightpack from your computer.
  2. Turn the Control on by holding the button in the center of it.
    Important: Flashing begins automatically when you connect the Control to the Lightpack. Do Not Disconnect It!
  3. Connect the Control to the Lightpack with a USB-C to USB-C cable. Flashing begins automatically.
  4. The Control and Lightpack indicate flashing is in progress with rapid blinking white or spinning lights (flicker).
    Important: The Control might not turn on initially --or-- might temporarily turn off during a hardware reset as part of flashing process.
    Do not disconnect the control until Lightpack indicates flashing complete, see below.
    Lightpack LED strip indicates the following status:
    • Rapid blinking white (flickering) = In-progress
    • Slow pulse white (2 times) = Flash complete
    • Slow pulse red (2 times) = Flash failed
  5. Control Reboot and automatically pair to your device.
    A blue arc fills a full blue ring as the Control pairs with Lightwear. If left for 100 seconds, Control will power down.
  6. When flashing is complete, disconnect your Control from the Lightpack.
  7. The Magic Leap 1 and Control are now flashed and paired

Erase User Data Status

Device Status: Not Connected
Erase User Data
Not Yet Performed